The Gulf of Mexico is one of the major bodies of water of the world,
and has some of the most pristine and beautiful beaches on planet Earth.

Where white powdery sand, sea oats, palm trees and sand dunes provide an exquisite backdrop.

The blue green waters are truly magnificent often resembling an Ocean of Consciousness.

Healing the waters is something we can all commit to in our own way.

How often have we enjoyed a sunrise or sunset reflecting on Her surface?

How often have we been refreshed by a dip in the Gulf?
How often have we been nourished by Her waters in so many ways?

How many times have we been captivated by Her colorful and myriad life forms?

How often have we been entertained by Her graceful and acrobatic marine life?

We can be- friend Her, as She has befriended us.

“We seals don’t live in the Gulf, but we sure do care about our dolphin brothers and sisters.”

Perhaps it’s time for all of us to come to Her aid.
Let’s all join together in any way we can to assist in Her rejuvenation.

Whatever we can, let’s do.

Wherever we are, let’s offer our good wishes.

Whenever we’re inspired, let’s join this cause however it floats our boat!

Tallahassee, Florida